The multifunctionality of variable force springs in POP field

One kind of popular steel strip spring design- Variable force springs. These springs are common in POP field, Especially being used in propeller and upward shelf display.
Variable force springs can provide variable forces to match the required force, they can push on the goods horizontally, for example in the propeller’s pallet, or push forward vertically, for example in the upward shelf design. Due to their extensive applications, these springs will be widely used in cigarette, cosmetic, electronic and medical industries.

Why Variable force springs was widely used in POP industry.

1. Stock control
Variable force spring is commonly used in controlled pallet in which the goods will be pushed forward. They can help to push the goods to the first position, which make the shelf looks full at any times. These pallets make the stock in good order and can trace the stock well. It’s the key point in current Covid situation.

2. Integrality
Variable force springs were design based on the weight of pushed goods. It will make sure all the pushed goods will not be damaged. Whatever the weight is, Variable spring force can push most goods in consistent force.

3. Customer’s satisfaction
Variable force springs will help consumer to make decision and purchase more easily, by this way, all goods can be displayed in good order and appearance. The goods included cosmetic, health-care, medicine, drink, food and anything which can be displayed in retail.


You should consider the force when designing variable force springs. the force will be changed when springs extended or retracted back. For most of the retailed applications, the springs will work on back direction. Furthermore, AFR designed the springs which can not only push the goods precisely but also easy to be installed. Different from constant force springs, variable force springs were designed with the positive gradient changing force. It is necessary, because the load and force will be changed along with the goods increased or reduced in pallet and upward propeller.   

The space is a limited case. AFR can help you to choose the suitable material and dimension so that you can get the required load in your installed space.
Except in POP industry, Variable force springs have the wider usage in other industries, such as furniture decoration, roller shutter. They can be stopped and hanged in arbitrary. If you consider to use a variable force spring to improve your next design or want to discuss the details, please contact AFR Precision&Technology Co., Ltd. at any time!

Post time: Jan-04-2023