Afr Precision


Spring coil Manufacturing

The spring division has 22sets 8HS computer compression spring machines,4 sets 502S computer spring machine,which make it easyto deal with avariety of precision mobile phone spring,precision probe spring, computer keyboard spring and varioustypes of torsion spring,tension spring and profiled spring, etc. Equipped with Taiwan Phonmarks spring length detector, the length of the spring can be automatically checked during the production process, and also classification and correction will be done as well, achieving 100% detection and screening in the production process. It helps to reduce the cost of product testing, and enable us to provide customers with perfect production quickly.

More from Our Factory

With more than 10 years professional experience in the precision metal stamping and mold industry, the best quality materials, the most advanced technology, rigorous skilled workers, the company creates the most highend ultra-fine parts, which are widely used in electronics, medical, automotive, optical, precision machinery and other industries.