Spring is one of the mechanical components which is working by elasticity


Spring is one mechanical component which worked by elasticity. It was deformed under the external pressure and will come backed to the initial status with pressure removed.

Usually they are made from spring steel. There are many kinds of springs and can be divided into Helical springs, Clock springs, Leaf springs and wire form springs by their shape.

When it comes to the spring’s structure, there are several kinds as follows:

1. Torsion springs: They are one of the spiral springs which will be forced by torque and rotation along center direction. Both ends will be machined into different shapes of arm instead of hook or loop. They are used to save and release the energy by torque and rotational force.

2. Tension springs: they are one of the helical springs which will be pulled by external force along the axial direction. They are usually in close wound and there is no gap between each coil at initial status.

3. Compression springs: they are one of the helical springs which will be pushed by external force along the axial direction. The cross section of wire material usually are round, rectangular and multistranded. The pitch between each coil is same or not same. If classified by shape, there are Cylinder, conical, hourglass and convex for compression springs. There are always gap between each coil, the spring will be shrinked and deformed when external press added. Also it is a energy-saved process.

4. Wire form spring: Wire form spring was machined with a lot of angles and complicated structures by spring wire. Which is different from the helical springs. It’s much complex when design a wire form springs and more difficult to produce compare to compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs.

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Post time: Jan-04-2023